Lakshana R.,

Recipient of the LALIVE Scholarship 2022-2023

  1. What motivated you to undertake this course at the MIDS?

I believe in infinite possibilities. My successful application to the MIDS and receipt of the generous LALIVE scholarship are testimony to that. Having worked in international commercial and investment treaty arbitration for 3 years based out of Mumbai, I was keen to further globalise my career and gain international exposure. It was a natural choice to explore the MIDS LLM, which is widely-regarded as the best masters program in law, focused on dispute resolution. 


  1. What are you enjoying most about the experience so far?

The MIDS LLM has shown me infinite possibilities and beyond. My favourite part about the MIDS is the incredible networking opportunities it creates, which I was well-equipped to capitalize on, thanks to the excellent career counselling provided by the MIDS. In fact, every MIDS event, including the academic moot and the FIAA workshop served as great platforms to not only hone essential lawyering skills, but also to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

  1. Which areas in international dispute resolution appeal to you?

I greatly enjoyed my tryst with investment treaty arbitration during my time at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, Mumbai, where I worked with Dr Rishab Gupta, who is now an independent barrister at Twenty Essex, London / Singapore. The MIDS general course with Dr Zachary Douglas KC and the MIDS intensive course with Dr Georgios Petrochilos KC have further reaffirmed my keen interest in the field. 

  1. Once you complete the course, what would you ideally like the next step of your career to be?

I wish to continue seeking infinite possibilities after the MIDS. I will continue working in international arbitration in a major commercial hub like London, constantly challenging myself, learning, growing and thriving.