Opemipo Omoyeni,

Recipient of the LALIVE Scholarship 2019-2020

  1. What motivated you to undertake this course at the MIDS?

I have always been passionate about dispute settlement as I consider it to be an area where the law comes to life and wanted to learn more about dispute settlement mechanisms in multiple jurisdictions. My pursuit for a more in-depth multi-jurisdictional knowledge of dispute settlement and advocacy brought me to the MIDS. I am privileged and eternally grateful to LALIVE for providing me with the opportunity to undertake this prestigious course.

  1. What are you enjoying most about the experience so far?

The course’s academic content, covering a blend of procedural and substantive aspects, as well as its practical approach.

I am also really enjoying getting to know and integrating with my classmates. Their diverse jurisdictions, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives lead to fascinating conversations and overall knowledge sharing. It is so interesting to learn how things are done in other parts of the world.

My stay in Geneva has also been great. The city is beautiful and peaceful and the people are warm and welcoming. I look forward to learning more about the city and its people and sampling more local cuisine.

  1. Which areas in international dispute resolution appeal to you?

Although not exhaustive, the areas that most appeal to me at this time are International Commercial Arbitration, Investment Arbitration and Sports Arbitration.

  1. Once you complete the course, what would you ideally like the next step of your career to be?

I hope to build on the knowledge and experience acquired on the course and apply for internship and trainee opportunities to gain further practical experience, preferably in Europe with a focus on dispute settlement practices.