Modern Slavery Statement


June 2023

This statement is made on behalf of LALIVE (London) LLP pursuant to section to section 54(1) of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act.

This page sets out our ongoing commitment as a responsible business to combat modern slavery and human trafficking for the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

About us

LALIVE (London) LLP is a law firm based in London. It is a limited liability partnership authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales under licence number 648533.   LALIVE (London) LLP is affiliated with the Swiss law firm LALIVE SA. 

We are a disputes only practice, providing legal advice to companies, governments, international organisations and private clients.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We take the issue of modern slavery seriously and are committed to ensuring that unfair working practices have no place in our business, nor in any of the businesses we engage with.

Supply chain relationships

LALIVE (London) LLP’s supply chains relate to our business as a law firm. These supply chains include supplying personnel, goods and services to support the legal services we provide to our clients.

Having considered our supply chains we have concluded that they are low risk in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking. To the extent that there is any risk, it is most likely to take place in connection with our outsourced business services (for example, office cleaning and security).

We are committed to ensuring no modern slavery or human trafficking is present in our supply chains or any other aspect of our day-to-day operations. We expect our suppliers and service providers to uphold professional standards and to be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We have discussed our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act with our staff in London responsible for dealing with our suppliers. Such staff have completed formal training on the Act and will continue to do so on a regular basis.

Risk assessment and due diligence

We regularly review our supply chain and, as mentioned above, consider it to be low risk in relation to slavery or human trafficking.


Our commitment to business integrity can be found in our employee handbook, and ethics and code of conduct policy, which clearly set out our commitment to acting ethically across all our business relationships and which outline the firm’s core values and business principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Our policies require all partners and members of staff to report any known or suspected breaches of non-compliance to our code of conduct.


To ensure a high level of awareness and understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, those staff who procure supplies or services on behalf of the firm attend training sessions.

This statement has been approved by the members of LALIVE (London) LLP.

Genevieve Poirier

COLP, Partner