High value arbitration cases: LALIVE ranked as one of the top 10 firms worldwide (July 2013)

5 July 2013

The American Lawyer recently unveiled that LALIVE is currently among the top ten law firms worldwide handling the greatest number of high value arbitrations. As part of a biennial survey, the Arbitration Scorecard spotlights the largest treaty and contract arbitrations above a certain value (USD 500 million for contract disputes and USD 100 million for treaty disputes).  The Arbitration Scorecard 2013 lists 165 treaty arbitrations and 109 contract arbitrations that were active in 2011-12 and cites LALIVE’s involvement in several of those cases.  For the top ten law firms, see the table published in June 2013 by the American Lawyer.

LALIVE’s listed cases include six currently pending treaty arbitrations as counsel, collectively worth more than USD 1.5 billion, and involving Romania, Turkey, Uruguay, Egypt and Ecuador, as well as several contract arbitrations concerning disputes with values in excess of USD 500 million each, in a wide range of industry sectors, including telecommunications, energy and construction. 

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