LALIVE again ranked as one of the most prestigious international arbitration firms worldwide (Global Arbitration Review) (January 2009)

1 January 2009

LALIVE maintains its position as part of the thirty most prestigious specialist arbitration firms worldwide. Specifically the firm was ranked 9th and 16th in two surveys relating to the 30 world leading, GAR Thirty and GAR 30, published by Global Arbitration Review. The GAR Thirty ranking is based on considerations of quality, including the overall reputation of the firm and the reputation of individual lawyers, while the GAR 30 ranking focuses on quantitative criteria such as the number and value of cases handled by the firm, as well as the number of witnesses hearings in the previous 24 months.

The commentary accompanying the surveys notes the following: “The firm’s institutional knowledge is without compare. [Its] lenghty immersion in the field gives it two decades worth of ‘best friends’ in jurisdictions around the world. The respect in which its individuals are held means it will often gain access on a client’s behalf where others would encounter a closed door”. The survey also mentioned LALIVE’s “increased […] depth in public international law”, noting that the firm “enjoys a particular niche with governments as the firm to call when mass claims and similar unique, large-scale problems arise; something that [the survey’s] league table have trouble capturing.”

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