LALIVE Counsel Thomas Widmer appointed to the Copyright Special Committee of the AIPPI

8 May 2014

LALIVE Counsel Thomas Widmer has been appointed as a member of the Copyright Special Committee of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). This appointment will be for a renewable three year term.

The AIPPI is the world’s leading International organization dedicated to the development, improvement and protection of intellectual property. It pursues this objective by working for the development, expansion and improvement of international and regional treaties and agreements as well as of national laws relating to intellectual property.

The AIPPI appoints Special Committees in order to guarantee accurate monitoring of current developments in specific fields. As part of the Copyright Committee, Thomas will work with members from 13 jurisdictions worldwide in studying and reporting on the current status of the law on copyright and related rights and, in particular, internationally important developments.

Thomas’ appointment follows from his historical active involvement with the AIPPI, which is key to the development of the firm’s Intellectual Property practice.

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