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Christian Exner



Switzerland, 2011
Illinois, USA (inactive), 2021


Swiss, German


German , English


Stampfenbachplatz 4
P.O. Box 212
8042 Zurich


+41 58 105 2100

Christian Exner joined LALIVE in 2021. He specialises in domestic and international litigation, with a particular focus on commercial and banking disputes, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards, domestic and cross-border insolvency proceedings, as well as asset protection and recovery.

He represents clients in complex, often cross-border, commercial and banking disputes before Swiss courts. He is also an author and co-author of articles and commentaries with a special focus on insolvency law and enforcement proceedings.

He is a member of the Zurich Bar Association (ZAV), the Swiss Bar Association (SAV), the International Bar Association (IBA), and INSOL Europe.

Before joining LALIVE, Christian Exner worked as a foreign transaction advisor at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Chicago (2020-2021), as an associate and senior associate in the dispute resolution and insolvency teams of a well-known law firm in Kusnacht/Zurich (2012-2018), as a court clerk and chair of the conciliation authority in rental and lease matters at the District Court of Meilen (2008-2012), and as a trainee at the District Court of Horgen (2007-2008). He also was a research assistant at Zurich University School of Law (2004-2007).

Christian Exner graduated from Zurich University School of Law (lic. iur., 2004) and holds an LL.M. from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, Chicago (2020). He was admitted to the bar in the Canton of Zurich in 2011 and in the State of Illinois in 2021.

Commentary on Articles 294, 299, 300, 303, and 304 of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG)

Christian Exner, Brigitte Umbach-Spahn, Stephan Kesselbach 2017

In: Jolanta Kren Kostkiewicz and Dominik Vock (Eds.), Commentary on the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, SchKG, 4th ed., based on the 3rd ed. by Carl Jaeger published in 1911, Schulthess Legal Media Ltd, 2017

Request for Provisional Setting Aside of the Objection to the Payment Order (Gesuch um provisorische Rechtsöffnung)

Christian Exner, Karin Graf 2016

In: Willi Fischer, Fabiana Theus-Simoni, and Dieter Gessler (Eds.), Commented lawsuit templates for debt enforcement and legal remedies (volume V), Schulthess Legal Media Ltd, 2016, p. 23-34

Legal Remedies of the Debtor against unjustified Debt Collection Proceedings

Christian Exner, 2015

In: Peter Breitschmid, Ingrid Jent-Sørensen, Hans Schmid, and Miguel Sogo (Eds.), Facts, Procedure, Enforcement, Festschrift for Isaak Meier on the occasion of his 65th birthday, Schulthess Legal Media Ltd, 2015, p. 139-155

Tightening the Obligation of Companies to initiate Insolvency Proceedings?

Christian Exner, Isaak Meier 2007

In: Peter Breitschmid, Wolfgang Portmann, Heinz Rey, and Dieter Zobl (Eds.), Basic Questions of the Legal Person, Festschrift for Hans Michael Riemer on the occasion of his 65th birthday, Staempfli Publishers Ltd, 2007, p. 193-227

Information and Consultation Rights of Employees in a Restructuring

Christian Exner, Isaak Meier 2004

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