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Pierre-Yves Marro



Switzerland, 2013
New York, 2011




German , English , French


Stampfenbachplatz 4
P.O. Box 212
8042 Zurich


+41 58 105 2100

Pierre-Yves Marro joined LALIVE in 2020. He specializes in complex domestic and multi-jurisdictional proceedings and investigations, including fraud and white-collar crime, asset recovery, international mutual assistance, and international sanctions. Further, he has broad experience in public international law, including, with respect to international organizations, immunities, and privileges.

Before joining LALIVE, Pierre-Yves Marro worked as a trainee lawyer, associate, and senior associate at Homburger in Zurich (2010-2011, 2013-2016, 2017-2020) and as a foreign associate at Paul, Weiss in New York (2016-2017). In addition, he was a research assistant at Zurich University (2005-2009) as well as a research assistant and postdoc at Lucerne University (2008-2009 and 2011-2013).

Pierre-Yves Marro graduated from Zurich University School of Law (lic. iur., 2007), from which he also obtained a Ph.D. (Dr. iur., 2009, awarded with the Prix Paul Guggenheim and the Professor Walther Hug Prize). Moreover, he holds an LL.M. in international legal studies from NYU School of Law (2010) and completed a habilitation in public international law and European law at Zurich University (Privatdozent, 2020), where he serves as a lecturer. His research and publications focus on public international and European law as well as on procedural law.

Pierre-Yves Marro is a member of the Zurich Bar Association (ZAV), the Swiss Bar Association (SAV), the International Bar Association (IBA), the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), and INSOL.

Rechtsstellung internationaler Organisationen: Grundlagen und Grenzen ihrer Sonderstellung

Pierre-Yves Marro, 2021

Zurich/St Gallen: Dike

Articles 15-15a («breaks» and «daily rest periods»), 18 («prohibition of Sunday work»), and 19 («Exceptions to the prohibition of Sunday work»)

Pierre-Yves Marro, Balz Gross, Sévérine Frunz, 2018

In: Thomas Pietruszak et al. (eds.), Kurzkommentar Arbeitsgesetz, Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn, pp. 203-213 and pp. 244-254


Pierre-Yves Marro, Vanessa Duss Jacobi, 2017

In: Kurt Boesch et al. (eds.), Klagen und Rechtsbehelfe im Schuldbetreibungs- und Konkursrecht, Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn, pp. 1-48

Articles 6-9

Pierre-Yves Marro, 2017

In: Andrea Büchler / Dominique Jakob (eds.), Kurzkommentar Zivilgesetzbuch, 2nd ed., Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn, pp. 23-33

Personenrecht» and «Sachenrecht»

Pierre-Yves Marro, 2016

In: Vanessa Duss Jacobi / Pierre-Yves Marro (eds.), Klagen und Rechtsbehelfe im Zivilrecht: Personen-, Familien-, Erb- und Sachenrecht, Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn, pp. 23-114 and pp. 485-761

Klagen und Rechtsbehelfe im Zivilrecht: Personen, Familien-, Erb- und Sachenrecht

Pierre-Yves Marro, Vanessa Duss Jacobi, 2016

Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn

Intégration européenne: idées et alternatives

Pierre-Yves Marro, Daniel Thürer, 2015

Paris: A. Pedone

Article 47 TEU (Legal Personality)

Pierre-Yves Marro, Daniel Thürer, 2015

In: Hermann-Josef Blanke / Stelio Mangiameli (eds.), The Treaty on European Union (TEU): Commentary, Berlin: Springer, pp. 1315-1329

Tafeln zum Sachenrecht (2nd ed.)

Pierre-Yves Marro, Monika Pfaffinger, 2013

Bern: Staempfli

Tafeln zu den Einleitungsartikeln und dem Personenrecht

Pierre-Yves Marro, Monika Pfaffinger, Annja Mannhart, 2012

Bern: Staempfli

The Union’s Legal Personality: Ideas and Questions Lying Behind the Concept

Pierre-Yves Marro, Daniel Thürer, 2011

In: Hermann-Josef Blanke / Stelio Mangia¬meli (eds.), The European Union after Lisbon: Constitutional Basis, Economic Order and External Action, Berlin: Springer, pp. 47-70

Allgemeine Rechtsgrundsätze des Völkerrechts: zur Verfassungsordnung des Völkerrechts

Pierre-Yves Marro, 2010

Zurich: Schulthess

Tafeln zum Sachenrecht

Pierre-Yves Marro, Monika Pfaffinger, 2009

Bern: Staempfli

Das Verhältnis von Völkerrecht und Landesrecht in Frankreich (part of a comparative study for the Swiss Federal Council and the Federal Department of Justice)

Pierre-Yves Marro, Daniel Thürer, 2008

In: Swiss Federal Gazette 2010, pp. 2290-2301

Streitbeilegung gemäss dem Institutionellen Abkommen Schweiz-EU

Zurich University

01/07/2020 Zurich Pierre-Yves Marro Speaker

Rechtsstellung internationaler Organisationen und der für sie tätigen Personen nach Schweizer Recht

Zurich University, Institute for International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law

26/10/2017 Zurich Pierre-Yves Marro Speaker

Schweizer Vertragsrecht


03/06/2016 Blomberg, Germany Pierre-Yves Marro Speaker

Schweizer Vertragsrecht: Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten in der Unternehmenspraxis

BeckAkademie Seminare

03/03/2016 Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf Pierre-Yves Marro Speaker

Haftung für Verspätung im Seefrachtrecht - Luzerner Transport- und Logistiktage

Lucerne University

29/03/2012 Luzern Pierre-Yves Marro Speaker
Pierre-Yves Marro Lecturer

2021 - current

Zurich University
Übungen im Öffentlichen Recht I
Spring semester 2021

Pierre-Yves Marro «Privatdozent»

2020 - current

Zurich University
Public international law and European law

Pierre-Yves Marro Lecturer


Lucerne University
Übungen im ZGB I (Personenrecht)
Fall semester 2011