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Joanna Didisheim



Switzerland, 2020




English , French , German , Spanish


35, Rue de la Mairie
P.O. Box 6569
1211 Geneva 6


+41 58 105 2000

Joanna Didisheim joined LALIVE as an associate in 2020 after completing her traineeship at the firm (2018-2020). Her practice focuses on domestic and international litigation.

Before joining the firm, Joanna Didisheim worked as an academic associate in legal affairs at the Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America. She completed a training scheme at Simmons&Simmons in London in 2017 and was a research assistant to Professor Ernst at the University of Zurich from 2014 to 2016.

Joanna Didisheim holds a Bachelor of Law for the University of Lausanne (2015; summa cum laude), a Master of Law from the University of Zurich (2017; magna cum laude) as well as an LLM in international dispute resolution from King’s College London (2017; with Distinction). She also holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Professions from the University of Geneva (2018). During her studies, she won the Day of Crisis competition on international law (2017). She was admitted to the Geneva Bar in 2020.