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Simon Bianchi



Switzerland, 2019




French , English , German


35, Rue de la Mairie
P.O. Box 6569
1211 Geneva 6


+41 58 105 2000

Simon Bianchi joined LALIVE in 2019 as an associate. His main area of practice is international commercial and investment arbitration involving a variety of sectors.

Before joining LALIVE, Simon Bianchi trained with Tavernier Tschanz (2018-2019), a boutique law firm in Geneva. He is a teaching assistant at the University of Geneva, where he supervises the student team for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

Simon Bianchi is a member of several professional associations, including the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), ASA below 40 and Young ICCA.

Simon Bianchi holds a Bachelor of International Relations (2015), a Certificate in Transnational Law (2016), a Master’s degree in Business Law (2017) and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Professions (2017), all from the University of Geneva. He was admitted to the Geneva Bar in 2019.

Droit suisse de la faillite internationale : quoi de neuf ?

Simon Bianchi, Prof. Nicolas Kuonen, 2019

Revue Suisse de Jurisprudence, RSJ 115 (2019) Nr. 16/17, pp. 499-515