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Marc D. Veit



Switzerland, 2000




German , English , French , Spanish


Stampfenbachplatz 4
P.O. Box 212
8042 Zurich


+44 20 3880 1540

Marc Veit joined LALIVE in 2014. He specializes in international arbitration and has acted as counsel and arbitrator in a large number of international arbitrations, both ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under institutional rules (ICSID, ICC, Swiss rules, HKIAC, SIAC, SCC, IATA) involving the substantive and/or procedural laws of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, England, China, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Georgia, Ukraine, Korea and Albania.

Marc Veit has extensive experience in complex commercial and investment treaty disputes. His expertise spans across various industries including energy, mining, construction, telecommunications, life sciences and biotechnology. Marc Veit also represents parties before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in setting aside proceedings. With a PhD in economics, this means Marc Veit is particularly effective and sought after for quantum issues and clients value his input in this area.

Marc Veit is an active member of several associations, including the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), the IBA Arbitration Committee, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), and the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA). He is a frequent speaker and moderator at international conferences on dispute resolution and publishes regularly in the field.

He has been ranked for many years by Chambers Global as a leading individual in Arbitration in Switzerland, and Who’s Who Legal as a Global Leader in arbitration for 2022.

Before joining LALIVE, Marc Veit was a partner in the arbitration and litigation team of a top tier Swiss law firm in Zurich. He graduated from the University of St Gallen (lic iur 1997, Dr oec 1999) and was a visiting scholar in 1998 at UC Berkeley, USA. He has for many years, been a lecturer at the Universities of Fribourg and St. Gallen.

Marc D. Veit is confirmed by the market as a Global Leader.

Who's Who Legal, Arbitration, 2022

Recommended for his highly regarded international and cross-border work.

Chambers Global, Arbitration – Switzerland – Expertise based abroad in UK, 2022

Marc Veit – excellent legal brain and provides solid and practical advice.

Legal 500 Dispute Resolution: Arbitration 2021

Marc Veit is recommended.

Who's Who Legal, Arbitration, 2021 (Global Leader)

Marc Veit is ranked Thought Leader.

Who’s Who Legal, Arbitration, 2020 (Thought Leaders)

Head of the London office Marc Veit frequently represents Eastern European investors in investor-state arbitrations and setting-aside proceedings. Clients report that he has "a lot of patience and stamina, a good writing style and is pleasant to work with." Veit also acts for clients on construction law arbitrations.

Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution, Switzerland, 2019

Marc Veit garners praise from clients, who appreciate his "quick understanding of the issues" as well as his "arbitration instincts and analytical abilities." A source highlights that Veit has the "ability to absorb and decipher complex information in no time" and that he can "articulate the arguments and grounds of appeal in an unambiguous and influential manner." He has experience representing clients in arbitrations concerning investments, sales and intellectual property, as well as cross-licensing agreements.

Chambers Global and Europe, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, 2018

Marc Veit advises on both domestic and international litigation and arbitration. One impressed client states: "It can take a long time to explain these things to typical lawyers, but not for Marc; he could spend his time thinking about matters of a higher complexity."

Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Counsel, Switzerland (Band 3), 2017

Marc Veit in Zurich is “one of the best” when it comes to handling multi-jurisdictional disputes, and is praised as “a very organised and responsive individual”.

Who’s Who Legal : Arbitration, 2017

Marc Veit has acted as counsel and arbitrator in more than 80 international arbitrations and is particularly well known for energy-related disputes.

Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration, 2016

Marc Veit is a “great intellect”.

Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, Arbitration, 2015

Marc Veit wins plaudits for his handling of international arbitrations. He covers a range of industries including gas, construction, life sciences and shipping.

Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Counsel (Band 3), Switzerland, 2015

The “exceptional” Marc D Veit is praised for his “ability to handle complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes with aplomb”.

Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, 2014

Marc Veit represents individuals and multinational corporations in complex international disputes and is considered a “model arbitrator”.

Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, Arbitration, 2014

A “first-class” litigator with “considerable” experience representing multinational corporations and individuals in the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors.

Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, Commercial Litigation, 2014

The ‘very talented’ Marc Veit has a strong reputation for his work representing clients in arbitrations. He regularly acts on cross-border disputes.

Chambers Global & Europe, 2014, Dispute Resolution Switzerland

Marc Veit is 'one of the foremost counsels around'.

Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, 2014, Arbitration

A large proportion of Marc Veit's contentious work is made up of multi-jurisdictional cases, and he regularly acts on arbitrations with no Swiss connection.

Chambers Global & Europe, 2013, Dispute Resolution Switzerland

Marc Veit is 'good at synthesizing all evidence and presenting it in a coherent and persuasive way', report clients. 'He is smart and prepares excellent pleadings'.

Chambers Global & Europe 2012, Dispute Resolution, Switzerland

Marc Veit is known for his work as a litigator and arbitration counsel, particularly in multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Chambers Global & Europe 2011, Dispute Resolution, Switzerland

Marc Veit is described as ‘young and talented’.

Chambers Global & Europe 2010, Dispute Resolution, Switzerland

Marc Veit recommended.

Legal 500 2012, Switzerland, Dispute Resolution

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Une rencontre d’information et de réflexion sur la révolution numérique et la transformation de l’avocat avec témoignages et ateliers

14/09/2017 Geneva Marc D. Veit Speaker: LES INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIQUES - L’avenir du contentieux

6th Annual GAR Live New York

12/09/2017 New York Marc D. Veit Panelist: The year in review - arbitration in the age of Trump

CBMA’s II International Conference on Arbitration


10/08/2017 Rio de Janeiro Marc D. Veit Speaker: Evidence in Arbitration

Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC), Beijing International Arbitration Center (BIAC)

2017 Zurich Summit on Commercial Dispute Resolution in China

23/06/2017 Zurich Marc D. Veit Speaker: Invigorating Trade and Developing Dispute Resolution in the PRC (International Trade)

International Bar Association (IBA)

Annual Litigation Forum Conference 2017

03/05/2017 Zurich Marc D. Veit Speaker: Innovation in litigation – roundtable discussions/workshops

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Quantifying Claims in Post-M&A Disputes

16/09/2016 Bern Marc D. Veit Moderator: Presentation and Calculation of Damages in Post-M&A Disputes

Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA)

International Arbitration in India: Changes & Challenges

11/07/2016 New Delhi Marc D. Veit Panelist: Emergency Arbitrations and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Launch of ASA South-East Asia (SEA) Chapter: Arbitration in Switzerland and Singapore: exchange of best practices

20/06/2016 Singapore Marc D. Veit Speaker: Iura novit curia: What about due process?

Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration

Chinese-European Dispute Resolution Seminar

18/06/2016 Shenzhen Marc D. Veit Speaker: Arbitration Swiss Style: Location, Law and Arbitration Rules

ASA jointly with BAC & CIETAC in Beijing; SHIAC in Shanghai

Swiss-Chinese Arbitration Seminar & Workshops

14/06/2016 Shanghai Marc D. Veit Speaker

Mannheim International Arbitration Conference

Effective Fact Finding vs. Information Overload: Too Much Paper in Arbitration?

26/02/2016 Mannheim Marc D. Veit Moderator: Shifting the Burden of Proof – An Efficient Alternative to Document Production?

Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA), Institute for Energy Law (IEL), International Court of Arbitration (ICC)

3rd Annual ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration

14/01/2016 Houston Marc D. Veit Panelist: Navigating the Changing Geopolitical Landscape during an Energy Dispute

Transnational Law Center (University of Ghent)

The Role of Technology and the Internet in International Arbitration

11/01/2016 Ghent Marc D. Veit Speaker: Arbitrators and the digital world


10th Annual Americas Workshop, Underlying Corruption Issues in International Arbitration

01/12/2015 Mexico city Marc D. Veit Speaker and Panellist: Proving Corruption, what should be the applicable standard

UNCITRAL Asia-Pacific Judicial Summit

Anti-arbitration injunctions

28/10/2015 Hong Kong Marc D. Veit Speaker and Panellist

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Arbitration Seminar and Workshop

17/09/2015 Istanbul Marc D. Veit Moderator and Workshop leader

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Investment Treaty Arbitration: Importance for Switzerland

02/06/2015 Zurich Marc D. Veit Panellist

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

Swiss-Chinese Dispute Resolution Forum

12/03/2015 Shanghai Marc D. Veit Moderator and Workshop leader: Arbitration in Switzerland

Permanent Arbitration Court at the Croatian Chamber of Economy

22nd Croatian Arbitration Days

04/12/2014 Zagreb Marc D. Veit Speaker: Rights and Duties of Experts

Finnish Arbitration Academy

Case management and advocacy in international arbitration

24/11/2014 Helsinki Marc D. Veit Speaker: Advocacy before International Arbitral Tribunals

3rd DIS Baltic Arbitration Days

International enforcement of arbitration awards and arbitration in transport related disputes

26/06/2014 Riga Marc D. Veit Speaker: Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and International Sanctions

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

ASA Ankara Roadshow

22/10/2013 Ankara Marc D. Veit Panel Speaker: Arbitration in Switzerland

International Bar Association (IBA)

Annual Conference - Arbitration Committee, Young Practitioners Symposium

06/10/2013 Boston Marc D. Veit Panel Speaker: The Role of Ethics in International Arbitration

Arbitration Institute Finland

International Arbitration Day

22/05/2013 Helsinki Marc D. Veit Speaker: Persuasive Written Advocacy – How to Prepare Convincing Written Submissions

India Branch of International Fiscal Association (IFA)

Investment Treaty Arbitration in Tax Matters

04/12/2012 Mumbai Marc D. Veit Speaker: Investment Treaty Arbitration in Tax Matters
Marc D. Veit Lecturer in International Arbitration

2009 - 2012

University of Fribourg

Marc D. Veit Lecturer in Public Law

2000 - 2008

University of St. Gallen