Zsófia Young


Admission :

New York, 2013

Nationality :

Hungarian, American

Languages :

English , Hungarian , Spanish , French


25 Eastcheap, London,
United Kingdom

Contact :

+44 20 3880 1540

Zsófia Young joined LALIVE in 2019 and specialises in international arbitration and public international law.  She has acted as counsel for claimants and respondent States in a number of international investment arbitrations, as well as in commercial arbitration proceedings.  She also advises private entities and States on a variety of other international law issues, including state responsibility and boundary disputes.

Before joining LALIVE, Zsófia Young worked as an associate at two public international law boutique practices in London, Volterra Fietta (2013-2016) and Fietta LLP (2016-2019) where she also coordinated the firm’s pro bono practice.

Zsófia Young holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Middlebury College (2007), a J.D (Juris Doctor) from the Washington College of Law, American University (2012), and an M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service, American University (2013).

The International Criminal Court and the Libya Situation: Investigating Crimes against Humanity

Zsófia Young, 2012

European Parliament, Office of Franziska Brantner (Germany)

Young ITA

The ICSID Secretariat’s Proposals for Rule Amendments: The Times They Are A-Changin'

London 23/10/2018 Zsófia Young Moderator: The ICSID Secretariat’s Proposals for Rule Amendments: Transparency and Special Procedures

Non-public event for officials of an Asian State

Maritime delimitation

London 15/12/2017 Zsófia Young Speaker: Maritime delimitation in the territorial sea

Non-public event for English lawyers

Pro bono matters in international law

London 15/07/2016 Zsófia Young Speaker: Strategic litigation before the European Court of Human Rights regarding the treatment of refugees in Hungary

African International Lawyers Association

Settlement of International Disputes

London 17/09/2015 Zsófia Young Speaker: Settlement of International Investment Disputes: Practice under Ad Hoc Arbitration using UNCITRAL

Non-public event for officials of a Middle Eastern State

Year-long LLM-level course on international law

17/10/2014 Zsófia Young Speaker: Nature and Sources of Public International Law