Whistleblowing: Federal Supreme Court ruling places Swiss banks’ offshore subsidiaries outside secrecy laws

23 November 2018

Interesting analysis by the International Bar Association of the Rudolf Elmer decision, featuring comments from a number of leading experts including Alexander Troller. Please read the full article here.

Swiss Courts dismiss foreign currency claims if the currency of the prayers for relief is wrongly denominated

9 October 2018

Swiss law is often chosen by foreign parties to govern their contractual agreements, mostly due to Switzerland’s stability and neutrality, its well-established case law and its highly liberal legal system which allows parties to shape contracts with little restriction. Nowadays, companies can easily open sub-accounts in different currencies to do […]

Banking fraud by hacking: the importance of not being idle when suing the bank

28 September 2018

In a recent decision the Swiss Supreme Court rejected a claim filed by a client following the execution of a fraudulent order on the grounds that the client failed to prove the hacking of its email account. In 2005, a holding company and its subsidiary (the “Client”) opened accounts with […]