I joined LALIVE in early 2009 and work on a very good mix of commercial and investment arbitrations, ranging from the very large to the smaller cases. Given that I am qualified both in England and Wales and in Spain, arbitrations subject to a broad range of laws, both from common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions, have come my way. The dual-qualification has also been a boom in the field of investment arbitration where the issues often have a mixed origin.

Over the years, I have been given more responsibility, particularly at hearings which is the part of the job I most enjoy. We have also grown substantially since I have been here, thereby allowing me to be on a greater number of arbitrations at once and manage larger teams.

My practice is veering towards arbitrations in Latin America, which the firm rightly sees as a market with huge potential. That is a very natural fit for me given my background and I have been involved in several Spanish-language arbitrations. Though the competition is intense in that market, I think that our many decades of experience in the field gives the firm a grounding not only in investment arbitration but also in commercial arbitration.

I enjoy a good dose of freedom at LALIVE to develop business. The firm’s management always has an open door to brainstorm and encourages new ideas. The feel is definitely very entrepreneurial and open. Although long-term relationships are important everywhere, I would say that they are even more so in Latin America, so it is necessary (and enjoyable!) to be present as much as time allows and the firm has been very supportive in that regard.

The Latin American market is definitely receptive to what LALIVE represents, a firm that cut its teeth on the world stage from the very beginning and is therefore very open to new ideas and different cultural approaches.

What I most enjoy and appreciate about the firm is the cultural diversity of the team members, their open-mindedness and general good-heartedness. I clicked here immediately. Each person has their own cultural background and there is a respect for the different approaches. Hence, Germans, French, Spanish, British, Turkish, Argentines and a long etcetera, can all live and work well under one roof. A close second is the diversity of the type of work, as well as working with people whom I profoundly respect. I am convinced that we have a team that is among the very best in the world.