I joined LALIVE in early 2009 as an associate and since then have worked on a very good mix of commercial and investment arbitrations, ranging from very large to smaller cases. As a lawyer qualified both in England and Wales and Spain, arbitrations subject to a broad range of laws, both from common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions, have come my way. The dual qualification has also been a boon in the field of investment arbitration where the legal solutions often have a mixed origin.

Before I became a partner, I was given increasing responsibility and was able to engage in oral advocacy from fairly early on, which is the part of the job I most enjoy. I have also enjoyed a good dose of freedom at LALIVE to develop business. The firm’s management always has an open door to brainstorm and encourages new ideas. The feel is very entrepreneurial and open.

I chose to focus my efforts on developing business related to Latin America. The Latin American market is definitely receptive to what LALIVE represents, a firm that cut its teeth on the world stage from the very beginning and is therefore very open to new ideas and different cultural approaches.

What I most enjoy and appreciate about the firm is the cultural diversity, the open-mindedness and general good-heartedness. I clicked here immediately. Each person has their own cultural background and there is a respect for the different approaches. Hence people from Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Turkey, Colombia and a long etcetera, can all live and work well under one roof. A close second is the diversity of the type of work, as well as working with people whom I profoundly respect. I am convinced that we have a team that is among the very best in the world.