After 13 years at the Swiss Federal Police, working primarily in a leadership role, I was looking for a new challenge in the private sector. While I had a legal background, my experience in law enforcement was not an obvious fit for a traditional law firm. When LALIVE was looking for support to coordinate their larger internal investigations projects, my background and skills were a perfect match. I was impressed by LALIVE’s open mindedness to explore new paths, their sensitivity for new trends and exceptional team spirit.

When I joined, the role was new and four years on, the department continues to grow. I coordinate and supervise the firm’s larger investigations and compliance cases and act as a central contact point internally, for clients and external service providers. This role allows me to capitalise on my ability to motivate, communicate and implement projects.

The firm has invested in my training, allowing me to develop. I have had the opportunity to speak at conferences and trainings focusing on my area of expertise. In addition, LALIVE has been very strong in supporting women over the past few years and as part of this, is open to flexible working arrangements. I am a mother of two children at school age and work 70%, which allows me to spend time with them. I greatly appreciate this flexibility and in return, I am strongly committed to a firm which places so much importance on these values.

Katja Böttcher
Legal Project Manager