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Silvia Gubler

Silvia Gubler

Name: Silvia Gubler, Legal Assistant, Zurich

Nationality: Swiss

Languages spoken: German, Spanish, English, French, Catalan

When did you join LALIVE? March 2010, when the Zurich office opened



Why did you join the firm?

I was asked by the firm if I would be interested in joining to help set up the Zurich office. At the time I was working in Spain but intending to return to Switzerland, and I was open to a change and a challenge.

How have you developed here?

I started with no law firm experience, so I had to learn fast in Zurich, with the support of the team in Geneva. I learned to deal with lawyers, deadlines, submissions, exhibits, clients etc., and how to find a solution to any problem quickly. My experience from living abroad helped me to feel at ease in the international environment of LALIVE.

Who has helped and supported you?

The partner I have worked with for 13 years has always supported me and still tells me regularly how much he appreciates my work. More generally, collaboration with different departments and offices is always enriching.

How would you describe the culture and environment?

People at LALIVE are naturally respectful and polite, and there is a genuine sense of team spirit. We care about and support each other. There are plenty of events and socials that help in forming personal andnot just professional relationships. Also being a member of the helpdesk team for the internal matter administrative programme has helped me to build wider relationships with colleagues in other offices.

What qualities are needed to succeed and thrive at LALIVE?

A real mix of qualities are needed: open-mindedness and flexibility, but also accuracy, efficiency, and reliability – people don’t let each other down.




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