We recognise our collective responsibility and role within the communities in which we operate and embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact whenever we can. Our activities are driven by our people’s passions and energy.

Community involvement

Our community involvement includes charitable functions, supporting locally-focused events and community sports events such as:

  • The Eaux Vives annual arts evening in Geneva
  • The annual London Legal Walk which supports over 100 free legal advice charities a year to ensure the right to justice SOLA, a 120 km academic relay race around the city of Zurich and adjacent hills
  • The Course de l’Escalade, a race to commemorate the annual celebration of the victory of Geneva over the failed Savoy invasion of 1602

Charitable giving

We make donations to a number of organisations engaged in the fight against poverty, including Shivia, a UK charity working in India to empower people to start their own income-generating enterprises.

LALIVE is also quick to respond to crisis situations around the world, including war and natural disasters. Our donations and firmwide fundraising activities support immediate relief efforts and long-term recovery, partnering with NGOs such as the Red Cross and Save the Children.

Legal community involvement

LALIVE is committed to supporting students in the legal field through various initiatives:

  • A longstanding partnership with the Geneva LLM in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) with an annual LALIVE Scholarship awarded every year, and six-month internships awarded to five MIDS students
  • The annual Pierre Lalive and John Henry Merryman Fellowship in art and cultural heritage law
  • The direct sponsorship and coaching of various Vis moot teams in Geneva and Zurich. Further details of these and other initiatives can be found on our Academia page


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