News | 04 October 2022

Handbook Corporate Compliance

The first edition of “Handbook Corporate Compliance”, released September 2022, covers all types of organisations, with a focus on corporate compliance in the non-regulated sector. It deals with value-based compliance from a practical perspective, taking current ESG issues into account. The practical handbook is co-authored by 60 compliance experts from various industries, federal criminal judges, prosecutors and professors.

Daniel Lucien Bühr and Andrea Florin cover the chapter § 63 “Civil proceedings after compliance violations against companies and their board members”. They examine the conditions under which civil proceedings can be initiated against companies, board members or employees after compliance violations, as well as the procedural aspects which have to be considered in this context. Also, the chapter demonstrates which measures should be taken to prevent possible compliance violations and reduce the associated liability risks.

The “Handbuch Corporate Compliance” (in German) can be purchased online via Helbling Lichtenhahn Verlag

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