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Angelina Sgier

Angelina Sgier

Name: Angelina Sgier, Counsel, Litigation practice group, Zurich

Nationality: Swiss

Languages spoken: German, English, Croatian

When did you join LALIVE? 2020



Why did you join the firm?

Having worked in a full-service corporate law firm and in court for over six years I wanted to focus on litigation and white collar crime.

How have you grown here?

I have developed a wide range of litigation and white collar crime skills, particularly in the broader context of complex asset tracing and asset recovery matters. Learning from leaders in my field, I have developed a more focused approach to identifying and achieving the client’s goal. On a personal level, I have grown in confidence by working closely with colleagues of all levels at ‘eye level’.

Who has helped and supported you?

Literally everyone, in some way, from partners to peers – primarily in Zurich, but also Geneva.

How would you describe the LALIVE culture and environment?

It is a young, modern environment. People of all levels work as team. Everyone is highly qualified and experienced, but they are also friendly and human. We work hard and we stick together in times of stress, which is so motivating.

Can you share one of your highlights during your time here?

A matter that started out as a ‘hint’ of criminal conduct, which led us to initiating a criminal investigation. We knew we were ‘onto something’, but there were many missing pieces of the puzzle. Eventually we managed to confirm that our initial hunch was correct – a very satisfying experience.

What qualities are needed to succeed at LALIVE?

Being creative in finding the best outcome for the client is essential. Having an ‘international mindset’ enables you to interact effectively with international clients with different cultural backgrounds. And it may sound obvious, but you need a really strong grasp of legal basics, because even the most complex cases can be boiled down to core legal principles.

What role do you play outside your main responsibilities?

For the firm it is crucial to be in touch with talented students and trainees, who are the associates and partners of tomorrow. Our job is to help them get there. That’s why I joined the ComStag  committee in Zurich, giving my time to review and mentor trainees, and managing and attending LALIVE student events. I enjoy talking with law students and trainees to share my experiences and help them find their path.




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