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Riccardo Loschi

Riccardo Loschi

Name: Riccardo Loschi, Senior Associate, Arbitration practice group, Zurich

Nationality: Italian

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish

When did you join LALIVE? October 2020 (in Geneva); in Zurich since May 2022



Why did you join LALIVE?

After my LL.M., I wanted to continue my professional career in a top-tier arbitration firm based in a country widely recognised as an arbitration hub, so LALIVE was the perfect match. I had a very positive impression of the people at the firm I had met before joining LALIVE and they seemed really interested in my development.

How have you grown and progressed?

I have benefitted significantly from working with very knowledgeable and skilled colleagues, as well as with hands-on partners. I have ample opportunities to discuss my views with the team and partners have trusted me with more and more responsibilities, in terms of managing cases and dealing directly with clients. The firm is also supporting me in terms of personal and professional development initiatives.

Who has helped and supported you?

My associate peers and my mentors have been really supportive both on a personal and professional level. This support and communication was especially important during Covid, and continues to be today. I have established strong relationships with many of my colleagues. Another positive aspect of my experience at LALIVE is that the senior associate, counsel and partners I have worked with have also been forthcoming whenever I needed support and made me feel comfortable to ask for help.

What qualities are needed to succeed and thrive at LALIVE?

I think being willing and able to take responsibility is critical to progressing at the firm. Everyone at LALIVE strives to deliver the best product for the client and ensure that the work is of the highest quality at all times. Creativity is also very important. There will always be unexpected challenges, so you will be required to propose pragmatic and sensible solutions. Finally, take initiative: take initiative in what you do, whether you are working on a case or are exploring a new subject that is of interest to you!




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