“Nachlassplanung” – A practical handbook on Inheritance Law and Estate Planning

20 July 2022

Released by Schulthess Verlag July 19: This new publication is co-authored by expert inheritance law practitioners Werner Jahnel of LALIVE and Sabine Herzog of Herzog Schär AG. It offers lawyers, bar exam candidates and other interested parties an overview of all relevant aspects of (international) estate planning under Swiss law and is a valuable aid in advising clients.

This reference work contains a concise presentation of legal principles, including an overview of relevant aspects of private international law. It provides a quick introduction to the subject with tables, planning tips and many practical examples. References to legal stumbling blocks help to avoid suboptimal planning. Finally, the work provides a comprehensive presentation of the revised Swiss inheritance law to come into force in 2023.

The book “Nachlassplanung” (in German) can be purchased online via Schulthess Verlag:  

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