Noradèle Radjai appointed co-chair of ASA Below 40 and co-head of Young ICCA’s Europe Desk

15 October 2012

In October 2012, Noradèle Radjai, dispute resolution partner of the firm, was appointed co-chair of ASA Below 40, with effect from November 2012. ASA Below 40, which was formed in 2001, is the young practitioners’ group of ASA (the Swiss Arbitration Association) and one of the longest-standing ‘below 40’ groups on the international arbitration circuit. ASA Below 40 has more than 1,400 members – a quarter of whom practise outside Switzerland. The group currently hosts three international arbitration events a year, in Zurich, Geneva and Neuchâtel.  Ms Radjai’s appointment follows the firm’s long tradition of active involvement in ASA: Michael E. Schneider has been a member of the Board of ASA for many years and its President since [2009], Bernd Ehle co-chair the ASA Geneva Group, Matthias Scherer is the Editor in Chief of the ASA Bulletin (founded by Professor Pierre Lalive) and Domitille Baizeau one of the former co-chairs of ASA below 40. Radjai’s election was reported in Global Arbitration Review Briefing on 11 October 2012 and commented upon by several leading arbitration practitioners (Read more).

Earlier this year, Ms Radjai was also appointed as co-head of Young ICCA’s Europe Desk.  Young ICCA functions under the auspices of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) and was established in 2010.  Young ICCA has more than 1,000 members, almost one third of whom practise in Europe.

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