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Lorraine de Germiny

Partner, LALIVE (London) LLP


New York, 2006
Paris, 2012


French, American


English , French , Spanish


9 Cloak Lane, London,
United Kingdom


+44 20 3880 1540

Lorraine de Germiny joined LALIVE in 2014 and in 2021 was promoted partner of LALIVE (London) LLP. Her main area of practice is international arbitration, including commercial and investment treaty arbitration with particular experience in the mining and energy sectors. She has acted as counsel or arbitrator in a number of international arbitral proceedings, either ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) or administered (under the rules of the ICC and ICSID), governed by various procedural and substantive laws.

She is a member of several professional associations (including the CFA-40, ArbitralWomen, ICDR Y&I and LCIA YIAG) and one of the founding members of and Secretary and Legal Officer of Women in Mining Switzerland. She is also on the list of arbitrators with the Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA).

Before joining LALIVE, Ms. de Germiny practiced international arbitration at King & Spalding in Paris (2009-2014) and at Dewey & LeBoeuf in Paris and New York (2006-2009). In addition, she completed secondments to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and to UNESCO in 2008 and 2012, respectively.

Ms. de Germiny holds a Licence with honors from the University of Rennes, a J.D. (Juris Doctor) cum laude from Tulane University Law School and an LL.M. from Columbia Law School where she was named a Harlan Fiske Stone scholar.

She is an “insightful and very detail-oriented lawyer” who “excels in cross-examinations” with her “precise and thorough approach” as well as her “strong understanding of the needs and wants of clients”.

Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration – Future Leaders 2021

Lorraine de Germiny is noted as a “true specialist in investment treaty arbitration”. She has a “sharp mind combined with excellent organisation and human skills”.

Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration Future Leaders – Non-Partners, 2020

Lorraine de Germiny stands out as “a sharp and excellent attorney” who is “definitely someone to look out for.” She is considered “a very knowledgeable and extremely skilled arbitration lawyer” by commentators.

Who’s Who Legal, Arbitration - Future Leaders 2019

Lorraine de Germiny is an esteemed expert in investment arbitration, who is recognised for her “highly international experience, practical mind and good oral advocacy”.

Who’s Who Legal, Arbitration - Future Leaders 2018

Lorraine de Germiny is "highly organised and great with clients, and has experience across the spectrum of commercial, treaty and construction disputes".

Who’s Who Legal, Arbitration - Future Leaders 2017

A Tale of Two Jurisdictions: The Latest on The Alstom Saga and Challenges to Arbitral Awards Involving Allegations of Corruption

Lorraine de Germiny, 2021

In: Carlos González-Bueno (Ed.), 40 Under 40 International Arbitration (2021), pp. 333-343

Introduction to “Social License and Dispute Resolution in the Extractive Industries”

Lorraine de Germiny, Joachim Knoll, Timothy Foden, 2021

Publisher: Brill | Nijhoff

Can the CISG Advisory Council affect the homeward trend?

Lorraine de Germiny, Joshua D.H. Karton, 2009

Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration, 2009, Vol. 13, pp. 71-90

LAA (The Luxembourg Arbitration Association)

Luxembourg Arbitration Day 2021

30/06/2021 Webinar Lorraine de Germiny Panelist: Arbitration and Sovereign States

Queen Mary University of London

Experts in International Arbitration

28/06/2021 Webinar Lorraine de Germiny Speaker

ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

5th ICC European Conference on International Arbitration

28/06/2021 ICC Webinar Lorraine de Germiny Panelist: Euro-vision: a year in review

Associazione Dirigenti Italiani all’Estero

Mining disputes and Investment Arbitration

24/02/2020 Geneva Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Mining disputes and Investment Arbitration

Chamber of Commerce Florence

Cultural Property: What Means for the Settlement of International Disputes?

25/10/2019 Florence Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Arbitration of Cultural Property Disputes - Pros and Cons of Arbitration

For more information, see the programme.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Investment Arbitration under the Rules of the ICSID, Practical Seminar

21/10/2019 Bucharest Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Types of Sovereign Risk


Environmental Law and Arbitration

01/10/2019 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Environmental Law and Investment Arbitration

CARDS (the Centre for Advanced Research in Dispute Settlement)

Tour de Arbitration conference

04/02/2019 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: The Art of Cross-Examination in International Arbitration: Do’s and Don’ts

Young ITA

The ICSID Secretariat’s Proposals for Rule Amendments: The Times They Are A-Changin'

23/10/2018 London Lorraine de Germiny, Zsófia Young Panelist: The ICSID Secretariat’s Proposals for Rule Amendments: Transparency and Special Procedures

CEPANI-40 & Young ICCA

Skills Training Workshop on Cross-examination in International Arbitration

14/09/2018 Brussels Lorraine de Germiny Panelist: Do’s and Don’t’s of Cross-Examination

ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting

Multiple Proceedings, Multiple Parties and International Arbitration: What a Tangled Web We Weave

20/06/2018 Dallas Lorraine de Germiny Panelist: Human Rights and Environmental Disputes in International Arbitration

Center for International Legal Studies

10th Biennial International Arbitration Symposium

07/06/2018 Salzburg Lorraine de Germiny Moderator: Corruption

Juris Conferences

12th Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference

06/03/2018 Washington D.C Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Parallel Proceedings

AIJA Conference

After the Final Award – A new Battle on the Horizon?

17/06/2017 Stockholm Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Enforcement of Annulled Awards – Is there an Afterlife? A U.S. Perspective


Conference on the occasion of the ICC Vis Pre-Moot

03/04/2017 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Security for Costs and Third-Party Funding

For more information, see the programme.


Interactive Workshop on International Arbitration

09/12/2016 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker

For more information, see the programme.

Tilburg Global Arbitration Day

Globalization of International Arbitration: Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Developments - Expert Workshop

23/11/2016 Tilburg, Netherlands Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Latest Developments regarding the Application of Most-Favoured Nation Clauses by Investment Arbitration Tribunals

Center for International Legal Studies

International Arbitration Symposium

02/06/2016 Salzburg, Austria Lorraine de Germiny Panellist: Ethics and Counsel Duties to Tell the Truth

For more information, see the programme.

American University of Sharjah - The Iraqi Public Policy and Leadership Programme

International Arbitration Conference

29/04/2016 Dubai Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Investment Arbitration in the MENA Region and Iraq’s Accession to ICSID

Arbitral Women

Young Arbitral Women Practitioners (YAWP) Conference

08/04/2016 Zurich Lorraine de Germiny Panellist: Skills that make a difference: What it takes to be effective counsel in international arbitration

For more information, see the programme.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

ICC Young Arbitrators Forum

29/02/2016 Geneva Lorraine de Germiny Moderator: “TTIP Negotiations: Investor-State Dispute Settlement is Taken to Court”

For more information, please see the programme.

Düsseldorf International Arbitration School

8th Edition

08/09/2015 Düsseldorf Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Bridging the Gap between Different Cultures in International Arbitration

International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)

Annual Arbitration Conference: Consent to Arbitration

13/06/2015 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: How to draft an arbitration clause?

For more information, see the programme.

ASA Below 40

Court assistance in international arbitration – how to use it wisely and efficiently

23/05/2014 Geneva Lorraine de Germiny Moderator: Interim Relief

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

ICC Young Arbitrators Forum

18/07/2013 Paris Lorraine de Germiny Speaker: Is arbitration heading toward a model procedure (and is that a good thing)?
Lorraine de Germiny Lecturer


Queen’s Law University,
International Law Program
17 June 2021, Online
Lecture on “Social License in the Extractive Sector and International Investment Arbitration”