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Veijo Heiskanen





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35, Rue de la Mairie
P.O. Box 6569
1211 Geneva 6


+41 58 105 2000

Veijo Heiskanen specializes in international arbitration, including investment arbitration, and in public international law. He has acted as counsel and arbitrator in numerous international arbitration proceedings under the rules of the ICC, ICSID, WIPO, UNCITRAL, Swiss Chambers, SCC, Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration – CRCICA, and various national chambers of commerce.

His experience as counsel includes representing governments and foreign investors in many state-investor disputes in the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors, as well as in gas pricing and construction arbitrations. He has also been acting for many years as arbitrator in both commercial and investment arbitrations, including as presiding arbitrator in several disputes arising out of complex commercial and real estate developments, energy, construction and infrastructure projects, as well as in several high-value gas pricing and intellectual property disputes. He is member of the SCC Board and of several panels of arbitrators, including ICSID, ICDR Energy Arbitrators List, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), and of numerous professional associations, including IBA, ILA, American Society of International Law, LCIA, IAI, ASA and Finnish Arbitration Association.

Veijo Heiskanen graduated from the University of Helsinki (LL.B., 1983; LL.Lic., 1985) and holds an LL.M. and a Doctorate of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) from Harvard Law School (1988 and 1992). He is Adjunct Professor of International Arbitration at the University of Lausanne and taught at the Hague Academy of International Law (2002).

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British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Investment Treaty Forum - Annulment in International Investment Law

06/02/2019 London Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Annulment Regimes in Light of Recent Swiss Developments

For further information, see the programme.

The Swedish Arbitration Association

The Swedish Arbitration Days

06/09/2018 Stockholm Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Best Practices in Written Advocacy

For further information see the programme.

U.S. Energy Stream Oil and Gas Intelligence

4th London Gas & LNG Forum

13/09/2017 London Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The Gas Supply Contracts in the New LNG Driven Market

For more information, see the programme and the site.

SC Eurasia

Eurasian Natural Gas Infrastructure Conference

23/06/2016 Athens Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: What is the appropriate legal framework for cross-border gas pipeline projects?

For more information, see the programme. For further information see

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Investment Arbitration under the SCC Rules

11/03/2016 Frankfurt Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Efficient presentation of evidence: Issues of confidentiality and privilege

For more information, see the programme.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge Arbitration Day 2016

05/03/2016 Cambridge Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Multiple Parties in International Arbitration

For more information, see the programme.

Georgian International Arbitration Centre (GIAC)

GIAC Arbitration Days 2015

10/10/2015 Tbilisi Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Corruption in Arbitration - Must or May an Arbitrator Refer Suspicions of Corruption to Competent Authorities?

For more information, see the programme.

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

LCIA European Users’Council Symposium

04/10/2015 Vienna Veijo Heiskanen Co-Chair: Practice and Procedure

For more information, see the programme.

Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce

Helsinki International Arbitration Day

28/05/2015 Helsinki Veijo Heiskanen Keynote Speaker: Key to Efficiency in International Arbitration

(Published as a Kluwer Arbitration Blog)

For more information see the programme.

Global Energy Geneva

Global Energy 2014 Conference

02/12/2014 Geneva Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Regulation and Liberalization of Gas Markets in Europe: Lessons for the Industry

For more information, see the programme and the presentation.

Global Arbitration Review (GAR)

GAR Live Dubai

20/11/2014 Dubai Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The Future of Investment Arbitration in the Middle East

For more information, see the programme.

The Danish Institute of Arbitration

Arbitration of Energy Disputes: New Challenges

02/09/2014 Copenhagen Veijo Heiskanen Speaker on panel “Dispute settlement options for environmental disputes in the context of energy projects”

For more information see the programme.

C5 Communications Ltd

Long Term Gas Supply Contracts

03/07/2014 Berlin Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: How to Prove a Clear Trigger Event for a Price Reopener

For more information, see the programme.

International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)

22nd ICCA Congress

08/04/2014 Miami Veijo Heiskanen Speaker on panel “Universal Arbitration”

For more information see the programme.

C5 Communications Ltd

Long Term Gas Supply Contracts

03/07/2013 Berlin Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Overcoming the Challenges of Confidentiality and Disclosure in Price Review Disputes

For more information, please see attached.

Global Arbitration Review (GAR)

GAR Live Turkey

04/06/2013 Istanbul Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: What kind of disputes are likely to emanate from Turkey in the coming years?

For more information, please see conference report here.

Ukrainian Bar Association

Kiev Arbitration Days 2012: Think Big !

16/11/2012 Kiev Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Commencing Investment Treaty Arbitration: ICSID v. Non-ICSID

For more information, please see the programme.

AAA ICDR ICC ICSID Joint Colloquium “Frontiers of Arbitration”

29th Joint Colloquim

02/11/2012 Washington, DC Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Mass Arbitrations: Is There a Need for Specialized Rules?

For more information, please see the programme.

University of Bucharest

International Conference

07/09/2012 Bucharest Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Applicable Law in Investment Treaty Arbitration

For more information, please see the programme.

International Law Association (ILA)

75th ILA Conference

30/08/2012 Sofia Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: New Developments in ICSID Arbitration: MFN Treatment

For more information, please see the programme.

World Trade Institute

Summer Academy: Dispute Settlement in International Investment Agreements: Recent Trends and the Way Forward

14/07/2011 Bern Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Execution and Enforcement of Awards outside the ICSID System

For more information see the WTI website.

Union Internationale des Avocats

Current Hot Topics in International Arbitration

08/04/2011 Copenhagen Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Divided Intentions: The Brave New European International Investment Policy

For more information see the UIA website.

International Bar Association – First Ukrainian International Conference

International Dispute Resolution: Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries

23/11/2010 Kiev Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: States in International Commercial Arbitration: Concept and Jurisdiction

For more information see here.

International Arbitration Institute (IAI)

Jurisdiction in Investment Treaty Arbitration

14/10/2010 Paris Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Is there a distinction between jurisdiction ratione temporis and substantive protection ratione temporis?

For more information see the conference programme.

Investment Treaty Forum – British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Recent developments in Investment Arbitration Procedure

10/09/2010 London Veijo Heiskanen Chair of panel: The Question of Costs: A Rising Concern

For more information see the programme.

Singapore International Arbitration Forum 2010

Investment Arbitration: Perils and Possibilities

22/01/2010 Singapore Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Investment arbitration: perils and possibilities – States’ reactions

For more information see the programme.

ICC Turkey

International Arbitration

03/04/2009 Ankara Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: State entities in international commercial arbitration: Some strategic considerations

World Jurist Association

Twenty-Third Biennial Congress: International Investment law

25/03/2009 Kiev Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Towards free movement of international capital? The scope of foreign investment protection in bilateral investment treaties

For further information see the congress programme.

Suffolk University Law School and the American Society of International Law (ASIL)

Symposium on Investor-State Arbitration: Perspectives on Legitimacy and Practice.

31/10/2008 Suffolk Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The law governing the agreement to arbitrate in investment treaty arbitration

The papers of the symposium will be published in a special issue of the Suffolk Transnational Law Review.

International Bar Association (IBA)

Annual Conference

17/10/2008 Buenos Aires Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Applications for annulment of investor-state awards by national courts

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) / Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration

Investor-State Disputes Settlement: Challenges and Perspectives for Arab Countries

15/05/2008 Cairo Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The definition of investment and investor in international investment law

Swiss Invest Forum

Protection on Foreign Investments through Modern Treaty Arbitration

07/03/2008 Zurich Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The definition and interpretation of the concept of investment

For further information see the organizer’s website.

British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

Domestic Review of Investment Treaty Arbitrations

17/01/2008 London Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: The Swiss experience in reviewing investment treaty awards

For further information see the BIICL website.

International Law and International Relations Sections of the University of Vienna

International investment arbitration - Standards of Investment Protection

21/09/2007 Vienna Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Arbitrary and unreasonable measures

For more information see the organizer’s website.

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) / Houston International Arbitration Group / University of Texas Law School

Multiple parties, multiple problems – Consent, procedure and enforcement in commercial and investment arbitrations

11/05/2007 Peace Palace The Hague Veijo Heiskanen Chair: The arbitration and the international claims / Speaker: Arbitrating international claims? Lessons of international claims commissions

Al-Quds University

The International Conference on the Palestinian Refugees: Conditions and Recent Developments

26/11/2006 Jerusalem Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: International claims commissions in a historical and conceptual perspective

State Chancellery of the Republic of Latvia

Topicalities in International Commercial Arbitration

05/09/2006 Riga, Latvia Veijo Heiskanen Speaker: Regulatory expropriation

For more information, see the programme.

10th Geneva Global Forum on Arbitration

04/12/2003 Geneva Veijo Heiskanen Panelist: Innovations to speed mass claims - The experiences of international mass claims tribunals and the American Arbitration Association / Speaker : Evidence and burden of proof before international claims tribunals
Veijo Heiskanen Adjunct Professor


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