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Benoît A. Mauron



Switzerland, 2012
New York, 2019




French , English , German , Spanish


35, Rue de la Mairie
P.O. Box 6569
1211 Geneva 6


+41 58 105 2000

Benoît A. Mauron joined LALIVE in 2015. He practices in litigation, representing clients in both civil and criminal Swiss proceedings, with a focus on domestic and cross border commercial disputes and fraud litigation, including asset recovery. He is a member of the founding committee of FIRE Starters, an international platform for fraud, insolvency, recovery and enforcement practitioners and frequently represents the firm as a speaker on these topics.

Before joining LALIVE, Benoît A. Mauron worked as an associate in the dispute resolution group of a leading Swiss firm in Geneva (2012-2014) where he also trained (2010-2012).

He holds an LL.M. degree from Columbia Law School (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar with Honors, 2015) as well as a Master in Swiss law from the University of Lausanne (major in Business Law, magna cum laude, 2009). He is admitted to practise in Switzerland (2012) and in New York (2019).

Interdiction de postuler et liberté économique de l’avocat

Benoît A. Mauron, 2022

In : Revue de l’avocat 2022, pp. 439 ss

Tax offences as predicate offences to money laundering - Key takeaways for practitioners

Simone Nadelhofer, Benoît A. Mauron, Deborah Hondius, Michael Neumann, 2021

In: Verrechnungssteuer, zsis) 4/2021, A20

Attachment of Assets: Switzerland

André Brunschweiler, Sandrine Giroud, Benoît A. Mauron, 2021

In: Lawrence W. Newman (éd.), Attachment of Assets, JurisNet LLC, 2021

Chronique de jurisprudence suisse – Loi fédérale sur le droit international privé (LDIP) (2011-2019) (2e partie)

Jean-Paul Vulliéty, Joséphine Auberjonois, Caroline Dos Santos, Grégoire Geissbühler, Benoît A. Mauron, Roxane Pedrazzini, Noémie Raetzo, Simine Sheybani, Sébastien Zulian, Hannes Meyle, 2020

In: Journal du droit international (Clunet)

La restitution pénale

Benoît A. Mauron, 2020

In: S. Giroud & H. Rordorf (eds), Droit suisse des sanctions et de la confiscation internationales,
Bâle 2020, pp. 143-169

Thought Leaders 4

FIRE Starters Global Summit

24/02/2023 Dublin Benoît A. Mauron Chair, Moderator: Enforcing Arbitration Awards

Please find the agenda here.

Thought Leaders 4

FIRE starters Global Summit

23/02/2023 Dublin Benoît A. Mauron Workshop speaker: Create, Develop, Progress: Personal Brand, Career Progression, Diversity & Inclusion

Please find the agenda here.

TL4, Sovereign & States Disputes and Enforcement

24/01/2023 London Benoît A. Mauron Panellist: Tools outside of courts used by and against Foreign States

For more information, see the programme.

TL4 & ConTrA

The Modern Trust - Contentious Trusts in a Changed Social Landscape

05/07/2022 London Benoît A. Mauron Panellist: “Enforce the Unenforceable! Firewalls and their Friends”

For more information, see the programme.


Cambridge Forums

Forum on International Enforcement of Judgements & Awards

12/06/2022 Surrey, UK Benoît A. Mauron Discussion co-leader (with Thomas Eymond-Laritaz): "The Fourth Estate as a Weapon for Lawyers"

For more information, see programme

Thought Leaders 4 FIRE

FIRE International: Vilamoura

17/05/2022 Vilamoura Benoît A. Mauron Panellist: “Effective Use of the Interplay between common law and civil law jurisdictions in a successful global asset recovery strategy”

For more information, see the programme

Transcontinental Trusts Geneva conference

Informa Connect

13/10/2021 Geneva Benoît A. Mauron Co-speaker with Olga Boltenko (Boltenko Law, Zurich): What do you Want? Information

For more information, see the programme.

Thought Leaders 4 FIRE

FIRE UK: Welcome Back Summit

23/09/2021 London Benoît A. Mauron Speaker: Around the FIRE Pit Roundtable: Fraud & Insolvency

For more information, see the programme.

Thought Leaders 4 FIRE

The Art of Fraud

24/03/2021 Webinar Sandrine Giroud, Benoît A. Mauron Speaker & Chair: An international & cross-discipline panel of experts assess an art fraud case study

For more information, see the programme.

Thought Leaders 4

Hot Topics in the New World Order

29/04/2020 Benoît A. Mauron Speaker: The need for increased vigilance of creditors/shareholders to limit risks of corporate frauds in the COVID-19 context

For more information, see the programme.


Informa Connect

Asset Recovery International

27/02/2020 Dublin Benoît A. Mauron Speaker: Using Insolvency Tools to Break Asset Protection Trusts and Structures Created by Fraudsters

For more information, see the programme.


Private client summer school 2019

29/08/2019 Cambridge Benoît A. Mauron Co-speaker with Ben Havard (Collas Crill, Guernsey): Trusts and Civil Law Jurisdictions: How Do They Work?

For more information, see the programme.

Asset Recovery Next Gen

Hot Topics in Asset Recovery

26/03/2019 London Benoît A. Mauron Panellist: The need for early cooperation between English and Swiss legal teams to secure Swiss assets before or pending suit in the UK

Université de Lausanne and the British Institute of International and Comparative law

The UK, Switzerland, Norway and the EU, Cross-border business relations after Brexit

17/05/2018 Lausanne Benoît A. Mauron Speaker: The circulation of judgments and the legal framework for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

For further information please see the attached programme.