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Robert Bradshaw



England & Wales, 2016




English , French , German


9 Cloak Lane, London,
United Kingdom


+44 20 3880 1540

Robert Bradshaw joined LALIVE in 2019 and specialises in international commercial and investment arbitration. He has acted as counsel in a number of arbitrations under the ICC, LCIA, ICSID and UNCITRAL Rules, applying various procedural and substantive laws, in both French- and English-language proceedings. He has represented clients in sectors including the energy, mining, media and telecommunications, construction, IT, healthcare, food and hospitality industries.

He is a member of various professional associations, including the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum, Young ICCA, the CIArb Young Members Group and the LCIA Young International Arbitration Group. Currently, he is the UK Vice-Chair for the Young ITA, the under-40s branch of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration.

Before joining LALIVE, Robert Bradshaw trained with Hogan Lovells in London (2014-2016) and went on to work as an associate in the firm’s international arbitration team in Paris (2016-2018). He graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2013 with a degree in Law with German, having spent a year studying at the Free University of Berlin. He also holds a Master of Laws from BPP University, London.

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Rashtriya Raksha University Investment Arbitration Academy

Mining disputes and investment arbitration

13/12/2022 Online Robert Bradshaw Guest Lecturer

Young ICCA

25th ICCA Congress, Young ICCA Workshop: “Arbitration Shark Tank”

21/09/2022 Edinburgh Robert Bradshaw Speaker

Hague University of Applied Sciences

Dispute Resolution Minor: Witness evidence in arbitration

08/12/2021 Online Robert Bradshaw Guest Lecturer

Swiss Arbitration Academy

Introduction to aspects of corruption in international arbitration

07/11/2021 Online Robert Bradshaw Speaker

Young ITA Talks

The psychology of witness evidence and its role in tribunal decision-making

21/10/2021 London Robert Bradshaw Moderator