I studied international law and human rights law for a good part of my career, so it was important for me to find an international firm that shared my values. Quite uniquely in Switzerland and in law firms in general, in Lalive I found a firm that is not afraid to defend its ideas on the domestic or international stage, and I had the opportunity to give life to the principles I studied and see international law and human rights law in action.

The cases I work on are diverse, to say the least. In one day, I can work on a range of mandates including a complex international arbitration, whistleblowers’ protection, real estate law, international corruption cases or extradition proceedings. As trainees, we thus have the chance to draft appeals before Swiss courts and international arbitral tribunals, maintain good relationships with clients, participate in hearings before state and federal Prosecutors, and conduct research and draft legal opinions on all topics domestic and international. Even in the biggest cases, Swiss trainees never take a backseat but always remain involved in client meetings, research, strategy and drafting.

While LALIVE is a competitive environment, colleagues and more senior staff do not act as competitors or hierarchical figures but as friendly people eager to share their experience and inspire. This in turn creates a place people are happy to work at. It is even more so the case as the firm offers an excellent work and life balance, which is especially remarkable considering the high-stake and challenging cases the firm is entrusted with.