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France Aouad

France Aouad

Name: France Aouad, Editorial Co-ordinator, Geneva

Nationality: Lebanese, Swiss

Languages spoken: Arabic, French and English

When did you join LALIVE? July 2017



How have you progressed at LALIVE?

Starting at LALIVE was a career change for me. From having little experience in administrative work I have progressed from legal assistant, to marketing assistant / website co-ordinator to editorial co-ordinator, and built so many diverse skills along the way.

What have you gained personally and professionally from your time at the firm?

At a time when I was experiencing a difficult ‘empty-nest’ phase in my life, the connections and friendships I made at LALIVE were a stepping stone into a whole new world of people with different backgrounds, life stories, ages, ethnicities and more. Colleagues became my family away from home. All this was in tandem with going to evening school and training for the required skills. Thankfully the hard work has paid off!

Who has helped and supported you?

When I joined the firm the partner I was working with was incredibly helpful and supportive, trusting me with challenges that enhanced my growth. The leadership here have always provided the environment and tools needed for development and if you happen to have transversal skills, you are encouraged to put them to use. I have often helped with translations from Arabic for instance.

How would you describe the environment?

The environment is very welcoming. I see warm smiling faces in the hallways, hear friendly conversations in the cafeteria, and even the sharing of home-cooked food over lunch.

What qualities are needed to succeed here?

I once heard a board member say that they hire for character, then train for skills. It immediately rang true for me. I think success at LALIVE is determined by character and the appetite to learn and grow.




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