Life at LALIVE

We take culture seriously at LALIVE, helping us to build strong relationships, team spirit, and lasting friendships:

  • Collaboration and team spirit within and across departments, amongst Legal Assistants, and with legal personnel.
  • Your contribution countsthe firm’s professional support structure values your specialist expertise highly.
  • Collective success – when working directly with the lawyers, whatever your department, there is no feeling of ‘them and us’.
  • Part-time opportunities – lots of business services professionals work part-time, particularly (but not only) those with family responsibilities.
  • Flexibility – the freedom to work from home one day a week.
  • Social calendar – there is a busy and varied programme of social events. There is the annual Spring party for the whole firm, where we all get to enjoy a mix of good company, food, and music. There are also plenty of other office events, including Summer and Christmas parties, and specific team events and activities.
  • Sports & leisure activities – these run throughout the year for those wishing to participate, including the Cycle to Work Challenge; the SOLA race in Zurich; the Course d’Escalade race in Geneva; and the London Legal Walk.

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