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Emilie McConaughey

Emilie McConaughey

Name: Emilie McConaughey, Senior Associate, Arbitration practice group, Geneva

Nationality: French, USA

Languages spoken: English, French, German

When did you join LALIVE? 2012, following a 6-month internship in 2011



Why did you join LALIVE?

Mainly because of the opportunity to work exclusively in arbitration matters, in a truly international environment. I was also attracted by the diversity of cases, allowing me to discover many different technical fields, governed by many different laws.

How would you describe the culture and environment?

Being part of LALIVE is about more than just work. It is about being a part of something bigger, building on the legacy of the founders, and playing your part in a culture where people strive to be the best, but also to support each other.

How have you grown here?

I started at the firm as an intern so I am ‘home-grown’ In addition to developing the technical skills which form the basis of our work, the working environment also allowed me to strengthen many soft skills.

Who has helped and supported you to grow and progress?

Over the years I have benefitted a lot from different mentors who have taught me how to be a better lawyer. Partners, counsel, more senior associates, younger lawyers, and business support staff have all provided advice, ideas and inspiration in different ways.

Can you share one or two highlights of your time at LALIVE?

On a personal level I would flag the support I received when coming back from maternity leave. The processes put in place over the years to help ease new parents back into work make a big difference at this challenging time and I will strive to ‘pay that forward’ when others return from similar leave. Professionally, participating in large investor-State hearings has been the major highlight, culminating in my first oral advocacy experience before a distinguished panel in Washington D.C. However, during hearings, the experience gathered outside the hearing room is just as rewarding, with so much direct access to individual partners, for example when finalizing a cross-examination outline or making the final touches to an opening presentation. The full experience is a real shot of adrenaline.

What qualities are needed to succeed and thrive at LALIVE?

I would here list good communication, work ethic and teamwork.




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