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Margaux Bergère

Margaux Bergère

Name: Margaux Bergère, Associate,Arbitration practice group, London

Nationality: French

Languages spoken: French, English

When did you join LALIVE? 30 May 2023



Why did you join LALIVE?

I joined LALIVE because of its renowned international expertise and its reputation as a friendly firm. I also knew someone who previously worked at LALIVE who shared how welcoming and invested the people were at the firm.

How have you grown and progressed?

I originally started working at LALIVE as an international intern and was recently promoted to associate. Having had the chance to be very involved in some of the cases, I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the work which equipped me for the next stage of my career. It has also been a very fulfilling experience mainly thanks the plurality of the teams I worked with, which inevitably generated more interactions and fostered an excellent team spirit.

Can you share one or two highlights of your time here?

In preparation for an upcoming hearing, the team simulated a mock cross-examination exercise with the client to help us anticipate the questions of the opposing counsels and mitigate potential risks. It was particularly instructive for me as I witnessed first-hand the preparation of this exercise and the interactions between the lawyers, the client, and its witnesses to ensure that they were comfortable to answer questions truthfully before the arbitral tribunal.

Who has helped and supported you?

Throughout my journey at LALIVE, I have been supported by the lawyers I work with, both associates and partners. They gave me the opportunity to grow and learn from the projects I was assigned and were very open to offering feedback and encouragement.




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