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Roopa Mathews

Roopa Mathews

Name: Roopa Mathews, Senior Associate, International Arbitration practice group, Zurich

Nationality: Swiss

Languages spoken: Malayalam, English, French, Spanish, German

When did you join LALIVE? August 2021



Why did you join the firm?

Given my background – as a Swiss national, of Indian origin, qualified in England – it was important to me to work in an international environment. LALIVE is known as one of the most international law firms in Switzerland.

How have you developed at LALIVE?

Associates are encouraged to participate in activities such as publishing articles and participating in conferences, for business and professional development reasons. Every associate has a generous individual yearly budget that can be used for travel to conferences, educational courses, or other projects. This policy has provided me with many opportunities, enabling me to attend specialist workshops and seminars, and to participate actively in the international arbitration community, helping me to build a valuable network.

How has the firm helped and supported you to grow and progress?

There is an open and collaborative culture at the firm. It is an environment where people are comfortable exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and learning from each other.

Can you describe any highlights during your time at the firm?

The LALIVE Zurich office social events are fun and often innovative. One highlight was a virtual reality event. Watching colleagues wearing virtual reality headsets and jumping around while being fully immersed in a virtual world was very entertaining! Maybe not what you would expect from a typical law firm.

How would you describe the LALIVE working environment?

Diverse people with an international outlook, working together in collaborative and supportive teams.

What qualities are needed to succeed at the firm?

You need to be independent and resourceful enough to solve problems and make things happen for colleagues and clients. It helps to be able to think in a creative and entrepreneurial way, finding new and sometimes unexpected solutions to challenges and making the most of opportunities that come your way.




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