I joined LALIVE in January 2013 as an international trainee in the arbitration department and was offered a position as an associate at the end of my traineeship (having been admitted to the Bar in Paris in the meantime).

When I was a trainee, I was treated like a full member of the team on the cases I worked on (which included attending hearings). Since becoming an associate, I have been given more responsibility and the opportunity to manage small cases from beginning to end.  On larger cases, I work closely with experts and witnesses on a day to day basis on the issues I am in charge of. Furthermore, I have already been offered several oral advocacy opportunities.

I am currently advising both governments and corporates on commercial arbitration cases in the construction sector in the Middle East and in Europe. In the past, I also worked on cases related to many different industries, including telecommunications, oil & gas, metals and real estate and spanning jurisdictions including Africa, USA, Europe and Asia.

The thing I enjoy the most about working at LALIVE is the extremely friendly environment. I work with amazing colleagues, some of whom have become very close friends.  It is a pleasure to know that you can count on them when working on very demanding and stressful tasks.  I find the partners very accessible and close to the associates of their teams.  With time, I have built strong relationships with some of them.

I also like the balance between work and private life. Though there are busy periods close to filings, I generally have the impression that partners and colleagues try to help in order protect my private life, avoiding unnecessary work at night or weekends whenever possible.  The partners tend to encourage us to be autonomous in the organisation of our time and our work. As a result, there is a feeling of mutual trust, which is highly appreciated in this very demanding job.


Counsel specialising in international arbitration