Trainee story

Ana Karina Parra

Ana Karina Parra

Name: Ana Karina Parra, International trainee, Geneva

Nationality: Ecuadorian

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French

When did you join LALIVE? August  2023



How have you grown and progressed at LALIVE?

I was recruited to LALIVE as part of the firm’s partnership with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies MIDS programme. Working at LALIVE has given me a much more international perspective on arbitration outside Latin America. I have strengthened my ability to work with multicultural teams with different legal backgrounds, understanding the needs of the team and international clients.

Who has helped and supported you?

Partners and associates have all helped me to become a better international arbitration practitioner. I have been given constant feedback through ongoing meetings and conversations, both formal and informal.

Tell us a little about the traineeship / internship. What support, learning, and experiences have helped you to develop and succeed?

I have worked on diverse cases across different sectors and areas of law. I have really valued the regular arbitration practice training sessions, as the discussions with all the lawyers helped me to identify key aspects or issues when working on different stages of cases. There has been continuous training, combining both the theoretical and more practical day-to-day aspects.

How would you describe the culture and environment at LALIVE

LALIVE is an amiable space where you feel that everyone is valued for their contribution.

What qualities are needed to succeed and thrive at LALIVE?

You need to be a real team player, as well as determined and adaptable.




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