Trainee story

Dominic Kofler

Dominic Kofler

Name: Dominic Kofler, Swiss Trainee, Zurich

Nationality: Swiss

Languages spoken: German, English

When did you join LALIVE? January 2021



Why did you join LALIVE?

Because of the excellent reputation of the firm and its international status, it felt like an aspirational place to do my traineeship, a place where I would learn from the best and work on big, prestigious cases.

How have you grown and progressed?

LALIVE has been a great place to prepare for the bar exam. Given its litigation focus I have gained a lot of insight into how big proceedings work. I have learned from partners and associates how to effectively prioritise tasks and assignments, work calmly under pressure, and communicate with clients. They have pushed me to achieve my goals, and my peers have also been a really supportive group, helping each other to prepare for the bar exam.

There is an ‘open door policy’, even with the most senior partners. They see us as the future of the firm so they are willing to be mentors, providing invaluable feedback. There is also the Zurich office Comstag committee, a group of partners and associates who give their time to provide ongoing personal and professional support to trainees, in regular meetings and more informally.

Can you share one or two highlights of your time here?

I have enjoyed working on big litigation cases, and specifically on submissions to court, and being part of team discussions about arguments to raise in our submissions; these discussions are extremely helpful, giving me so many different insights. I would also mention the ‘SOLA Stafette’ run, a great experience with the team, running different sections and having dinner and drinks together afterwards. Wearing the LALIVE shirt and representing the firm at this event was a great pleasure.

How would you describe the culture and environment?

The environment feels diverse, open-minded, supportive, and meritocratic. You feel that you are working at ‘eye-level’, being taken seriously by more senior colleagues. It feels like the environment is designed to help you perform at your best.

What qualities are needed to succeed and thrive at LALIVE?

You have to be open-minded and ready to take on challenges. No day is like another, which makes working here special for me. The unexpected can happen, so you have to react quickly and calmly to solve problems. Going the extra-mile and being proactive is also really appreciated here.




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