Trainee story

Ilana Halpérin

Ilana Halpérin

Name: Ilana Halpérin, Swiss trainee, Geneva

Nationality: Swiss

Languages spoken:
French, English

When did you join LALIVE?
September 2022



Why did you choose LALIVE?

When I was applying for the mandatory internship for the bar exam, LALIVE was in my ‘let’s apply but I have no chance’ list because of its prestigious reputation in Geneva, Switzerland and worldwide. As a future trainee, you also hear a lot about how firms treat trainees. LALIVE is well-known for its respectful, instructive approach with trainees – and now I know why.

How have you developed at LALIVE?

I have grown so much during my first year. I really feel like I’m learning from the best. The partners and associates give you a lot of responsibility, so I have learned quickly in so many ways: my legal knowledge and skills, client management, interactions with colleagues and partners, and so much more. I have four months to go, and I am looking forward to rejoining LALIVE after passing the bar exam.

All the litigation partners I have worked with have been supportive, as have my co-trainees, and many associates, from whom I have learned a lot.

I have also really appreciated our Geneva ComStag group, an active committee of partners and associates who support us in every way possible. Every two weeks we meet to talk freely about what is going on – positives and negatives – and we can ask for advice. It is so valuable because the work can be quite intense at times, so support is important. We discuss professional experiences, talk about files and specific tasks – learning from senior colleagues and each other.

What have been highlights for you?

Definitely all the hearings and cases I’ve had the chance to work on. And the social side of things: the internal events, drinks, spring party, practice retreats etc. It is a great way to spend quality time with colleagues outside ‘working mode’, and it really motivates me to give my best when we are working hard together.

How would you describe the culture and environment at LALIVE?

I would say professional, positive, instructive and also serious – but in a good way.

What qualities are needed to thrive at LALIVE?

You need to be a team player, naturally hard-working, resilient, willing to learn and proactive. It helps to have a sense of fun too!




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