LALIVE has extensive experience advising and representing employers and employees on all aspects of employment law.

We provide full assistance in the prevention and management of employment disputes, including the representation of clients before the employment courts as well as before domestic and international administrative authorities.

Although Swiss based, the firm’s team has wide experience in multi-jurisdiction employment litigation, working closely with a broad network of specialist counsel around the world.

Our experience is widespread. We can assist with:

  • Employment litigation: We have wide experience representing companies, private clients and institutions before the employment courts (at cantonal and federal level). We can assist in all disputes concerning employment, including negotiation, arbitration, mediation and litigation. Our team of litigators puts the client’s needs first and devises a comprehensive and cost-efficient strategy for every dispute.
  • Restructuring and reorganisation: Our employment practice draws on many years of wide-ranging experience in business transfers, personal lending, staff reductions severance schemes, mass dismissals and negotiations with trade unions.
  • Employment contracts and internal work regulations: We have built considerable experience in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employment handbooks, policies, working time regulations and all contractual documents related to employment law.
  • Social security and pension: We fully understand the interdependence between employment, social security and pension law and can assist with compliance with the Swiss pension system.
  • Immigration: We maintain close links with the Swiss authorities and assist clients with the application for work and residence permits.
  • Data protection: We have considerable experience in all data protection matters related to employment law (e.g. processing of employee data, cross-border transfer of employee data, internal investigations,).
  • Intellectual property: Together with our intellectual property lawyers we can assist you with regard to employment related intellectual property matters.
  • Advising an American industrial group regarding the drafting of the employment contract of the CEO of one of its subsidiaries in accordance with Swiss law.
  • Advising the founder of the subsidiary of a Swiss bank in relation to his dismissal and in particular compliance with the applicable Swiss law and Dubai International Financial Centre law.
  • Advising a securities broker in relation to the renegotiation and the drafting of a new employment contract with an international securities dealer.
  • Advising the former CEO of the European arm of a large international IT software company in a dispute with his former employer, in particular relating to bonus and success fee payments and the non-compete clause. The matter involved complex questions of international private and procedural law as well as employment law.
  • Representing a leading international agribusiness and food company in court proceedings against former employees claiming payment of bonus, damages for alleged overtime and abusive dismissal, where the total value in dispute exceeds CHF 1 million.
  • Representing five former employees in court proceedings against a Geneva-based international organisation for the recovery of CHF 350’000 in salary withholdings pursuant a tax agreement with the Swiss government.
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