Trainee life at LALIVE

We are proud of the culture that we have built at LALIVE. We believe in collective success, recognising that even the most high-performing people are human.

  • Pro-active support from day one – assigned committees in Zurich and Geneva are responsible for proactively supporting trainees. The committees – made up of partners, senior and junior associates – work together to help all our trainees develop.
  • Part of the team – all trainees are a real part of the wider team of lawyers, joining regular practice group meetings and knowhow sessions with associates and partners to share updates about ongoing cases.
  • Trainee community – all trainees are encouraged to support each other, dividing work amongst themselves, helping each other out, and sharing knowledge.
  • Active social life – trainees are an integral part of the firm, benefitting from a range of firm- and office-wide social events, building strong social as well as professional bonds throughout the firm.
  • Life beyond work – we work hard together, with a healthy level of flexibility, and a recognition that our people need their personal time too.

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